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Sulfur with the chemical symbol S is the chemical element that is in the sixth and third periods of the periodic table of elements. The sulfur has been known since ancient times. This non metal is pale yellow. It is very light and soft. This element has a distinct odor when combined with hydrogen, which is similar to the odor of the corrupt egg. The sulfur is insoluble in water and burns with a blue flame. Sulfur has multiple shapes in all liquid ,gas and solid forms in which the relationship between them is still not completely understood. The low sulfur content of the polymer has metallic properties, while at the same time it does not contain any metal atom in itself. Sulfur can be obtained in two crystalline form, either orthorhombic (octopus sulfur) or monoclinic crystals, the former being more stable at normal temperatures.
Sulfur has many indications in free and combination form, but it is the most widely used in the preparation of chemical compounds and intermediate products in the industrial cycle. The highest consumption of sulfur in recent years has been in the agricultural industry and the provision of phosphate fertilizers. In addition, sulfur is used in oil refining, copper separation and uranium refining, organic and non-organic chemicals, paints, paper and pulp papers, leather, plating, power plants, sugar industries, starch production, artificial fiber production, explosives, pharmacy and disinfection, as a source of welding materials ,non-metallic materials,food stuffs, soap industry, detergents ,batteries, artificial rubber, sulfuric concrete and various chemicals .Sulfur is usually used directly to boost agricultural soil and irrigate dry areas, animal foods, cobbling, spraying against fungi and insecticides.Sulfur is consumed in the world from three major sources of mineral sulfur, sulfur compounds and sulfur with oil and gas.
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