Red Iron Oxide

Red Iron Oxide

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Mineral iron oxide is found in the chemical formula of Fe2O3, which is found in different colors of yellow, orange, red, brown in nature, which is a mineral complex and is soluble in concentrated chloride-acid and is one of the important iron ore deposits. It is consuming in color industries, colored floors, prefabricated concrete , bricks and colored asphalt.In the vast geographical area of ​​Iran, there is many hematite layers and streaks, and this has led to the formation of huge and dispersed mines of iron ore and red soil in the southern central and eastern parts of the country, which each of these mines have their own chemical and physical properties. Most of the hematite minerals with a purity of about 40 to 50 percent, and dark red and opaque reds are unsuitable for use in industries that require purity and color spectrum with sufficient shine and high staining power. One of the most famous and oldest mines in the world's red soil, located on the island of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf. This red soil is unique in the world, with a purity of about 70% and a happy red color from ancient times exported to all around the world. Due to the purity of Fe2O3 and color coating on the surface scale as well as the color spectrum of blood and high gloss, as well as its unique chemical structure, are known and consuming in the world, especially in the Middle East. Unfortunately, many miners or Red Soil Producers have introduced their product, which lacks the quality of the Hormuz, with the name of the Hormoz brand, and try to mix them with cheap red colored reddish aggregates into a color spectrum similar to that of Hormuz . Therefore, after entering the color of the seeds, the consumers realize their mistakes in the cycle of production, and they consider the production of Hormoz as ineligible, so it is necessary to test the specimen of this mineral prior to the application of any red soil and apply it after quality verification.
The use of this mineral in paint and glazes, rubberization, concrete staining and building materials, ceramics, paper making, pencil core composite components, cosmetics, fertilizers and glass and also because of high purity and uniformity of mesh in some industrial applications, including Electrodes, lining and welding powder are used. The main use of red soil is in the dyeing process for the production of anti rusts. The red soil of the Hormoz mine has no problems with its natural properties for anti rusts and has the majority of favorable conditions and characteristics.


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